Bless This Spam


I won’t get really in depth here (I’ve got too many festivities to attend to), but I read an article on The Mormon Curtain about some project to “create a business plan to help LDS church” involving fundraising and using spammy SEO techniques to overwhelm the “anti” mormon search results. Read the MC article for more insight on the shenanigans, especially how the content was quickly replaced once the ex-mormon community got hold of it.
Ah, but once something is online, it’s very hard to get it offline. Case in point: The author of the MC article said content was replaced. That got my mind cranking… judging by the relatively new nature of the content, it wouldn’t likely be in the Internet Archive (it wasn’t); However, it is cached by Google. Yet another reason I love Google:

Read the original article in all its glory

Well, Google only caches webpages for so long, and that one has vanished… luckily, I saved the text of the article in PDF format. If you need something to read PDFs (you shouldn’t, really…), you can download Adobe Reader.