Kathy Worthington


The exmormon, gay and breast cancer communities were dealt a huge loss on 22 February 2007 as Kathy Worthington passed away. Not being a part of the later two communities, I can’t comment aside from echoing the words of others that she was a wonderful asset their respective causes. However, being among the masses of the first camp (exmormonism), I can’t overstate what a tremendous role Kathy played in helping people to leave the Mormon church. Her site, MormonNoMore.com, has helped countless people through the needlessly tedious steps the church puts people through to have their names removed from the records. If you would like to read more about the life of this wonderful, giving woman, a touching online bio (updated since original obit is no more) has been placed on her website. My condolences go out to Kathy’s loved ones.

As for the MormonNoMore site, it appears that the reigns have been handed over and it will go on, which is good to hear. And to assure that such wonderful information does not vanish from the internet, I’ve archived the pages and will be sure to include the content in the [project] database when it is completed, and I’ve also read that “Infymus” over at The Mormon Curtain is poised to do the same should anything happen to the site. It does my heart good to see such important information being saved, and events like these are exactly why I’m undertaking such a huge project with [redacted].