Missions, Part One


I plan much more in-depth commentary on Mormon missions and the mission program in future posts, but for now, I want to share a quote that perfectly encapsulates what being a Mormon missionary feels like:

Here Elder Simeon, Let’s put the weight of the world on your shoulders. Forget about the Savior fixing things, you’re a Savior on Mt. Zion to these people. If you don’t baptize, it’s your fault. You’re just not working hard enough. And, If you feel that you are working hard but still are not baptizing, you must not be teaching effectively. And, If you are teaching effectively and still not baptizing, you must not be following all of the Mission Rules like you should be. The Lord blesses us according to our faithfulness and exactness in following the commandments. Forget about the individuals you are teaching, they have nothing to do with this. Just because they are Godless and happy in their Godless state doesn’t mean a thing. If you fail to baptize these Godless sinners, It’s your salvation that’s on the line.

Simeon’s Peepstone

More on this later.